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Join us for a day of literary discovery with Neil Perry Gordon at Big Red Books in Nyack, NY, as he unveils the ethereal realm of the soul world with his latest masterpieces, "Between Two Gates" and "The Asuras." Dive deep into the fabric of existence with tales that stretch the boundaries of reality and imagination.

🗓️ Date: Sunday, March 24th

⏰ Time: 2-4 PM

📍 Location: Big Red Books, 120 Main Street, Nyack, NY

Delve into the mesmerizing "Between Two Gates," a narrative that weaves the tangible with the mystical, inviting you on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. With each word, Neil Perry Gordon draws you into an immersive tale of emotional depth and soulful revelations.

Venture further with "The Asuras," a tale that transcends dimensions, as Emma's dreamscape adventure pits Archangels against Asuras in a cosmic battle for humanity. Gordon's eloquent storytelling and vivid imagery plunge you into a world where every dream is a battlefield for our deepest truths.

Gather for an intimate afternoon of shared stories and laughter with Neil and Richard Fulco, the heart of Big Red Books. It's more than a signing; it's an experience—a celebration of the community and the stories that connect us. Be part of this unique event where the journey of every book begins with its first signed page. We can't wait to see you there and add your narrative to ours.

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