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Between Two Gates
A Young Man’s Quest Toward Birth
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The story unfolds with the tragic demise of Samuel, a young thirty-two man whose life is cut short by a fentanyl-tainted Percocet. From the moment of his passing, his soul embarks on an extraordinary journey, driven by a deep desire to understand the cause behind his tragic end.

Structured in three captivating acts, the first act introduces Samuel as he is greeted by his guiding grandfather in the soul world. Together, they embark on a profound exploration of Samuel's past life, delving into moments of joy and the challenging circumstances that ultimately led to his devastating downfall.

In act two, Samuel's soul family enlists his help to rescue his great-great-grandfather, taken by the soulless creature known as the rasha. Samuel's quest sends him through the treacherous five realms of Gehenna, where he confronts his past misdeeds and undergoes a transformative purification of his soul.

The final act witnesses Samuel's awe-inspiring visits to the seven planetary spheres, where he encounters captivating divine beings. Angels, archangels, and fairies bestow profound insights upon Samuel, unraveling the secrets of the universe and allowing him to reconcile his karmic footprint. Through this enlightening adventure, Samuel gains clarity about his significant life's purpose.

Between Two Gates offers an enchanting exploration of the soul world as Samuel unravels the mysteries of existence and embarks on a transformative spiritual odyssey from death to birth. Readers will reflect upon the intricate tapestry of Samuel's soul life, the redemptive power of karma, and the profound potential for a new life filled with family, friends, and love.

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A Preview of between two gates



I walked across the frozen ballpark, the same one where our team had clinched the Little League Championship game twenty years earlier. A train rumbled by in the distance, just as one had when I’d stood upon the pitcher’s mound as a determined twelve-year-old.

Through naked branches of mangled trees encircling the outfield fence, a full moon cast long shadows across the ice-encrusted field. A sole streak of moonlight illuminated the home team’s dugout, where behind a rusted chain-link fence sat a man on a wooden bench. The same bench my teammates had once nestled upon during our games.

I stepped from the field onto the dugout’s bubblegum-stained concrete slab and saw the man clearly. “Poppy? Is that you?” I asked, wondering if I was dreaming of my dead grandfather.

Poppy smiled and nodded. His face appeared younger than my memory of him. He lifted a hand and summoned me over just as a gust stirred up a whirlwind of crushed paper cups and discarded plastic water bottles from underneath the narrow bench.

“Aren’t you cold, Poppy?” I asked, though I, too, was somehow unaffected by the seemingly frigid temperature.

“Come and sit with me, Sam,” Poppy said, holding out an arm.

I sat, looked into my grandfather’s brown eyes, and asked, “Why are you here? Am I dreaming?”

Poppy wrapped his thin arm around me, leaned in, and whispered, “Grandson, this is not a dream.”

“Then where am I?”

“I’m here to assist with your transition.”

“Transition?” I repeated.

“Yes, from your life on the Earth to the next stage of your existence,” Poppy explained.

“Next stage?” I asked with a furrowed brow.

Poppy puckered his mouth and nodded.

I swallowed hard before daring to ask, “Am I dead?”

Poppy sighed. “I’m not fond of that word. I prefer saying—passed


Suddenly feeling the cold, my body shivered. I panted a few breaths and said, “No, this can’t be?”

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