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The Bruder Brothers

Short Story 

The Bruder Brothers is a short story based on one letter published in the Jewish Daily Forward in 1906, by a young man who gets his sweetheart pregnant in Warsaw. He leaves for America with a promise that he will send for her as soon as he could. But unfortunately, as you will read, their plans have unintended consequences.

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Clash of the Patriots - Book One  

At the stroke of midnight, a devastating explosion at Black Tom Island, an armaments depot, rocks New York City awake; and so begins this story of two patriots in World War I, each willing to put his life on the line in order to achieve a glorious victory for his cause.

Serving the Fatherland is Dr. Harold Schwartz, administrator of the prestigious Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital and a German spy. Along with his father, a dealer in lethal weapons and a lifelong friend of Kaiser Wilhelm, Schwartz is hell-bent on distracting the Americans from entering the war.

Meanwhile, the British Secret Intelligence Service recruits highly regarded New York City police detective Max Rothman to assemble a team of German-speaking specialists, known as the Bomb Squad. Their mission is to investigate the sudden surge of German espionage activity wreaking havoc along the Eastern Seaboard and among steamships attempting to cross the Atlantic.

The Bomb Squad follows these men’s exploits through an interconnecting tale of love, loss, friendship, and betrayal, stretching from American shores to the epicenter of German power during a time when the world is at war.



Jewish Immigrants Story of Survival,
from Eastern Europe to New York's Lower East Side

Book One 

A Cobbler’s Tale is an adventure story about Pincus Potasznik, a second-generation Jewish cobbler, born in a small shtetl in the province of Galicia, part of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.


In 1910, at the historic height of the massive Eastern European immigration wave to the New World, Pincus decides to leave behind his pregnant wife, and three small children, in order to seek a new life for his family in the burgeoning Lower East Side of Manhattan.


On his traumatic voyage across the Atlantic Ocean on the SS Amerika steamship, Pincus meets Jakob Adler, a young man running from an accidental murder of a notorious crime boss in Warsaw. 


The story also explores the challenges of pregnant Clara Potasznik as she does her best to protect her family, while the bloodiest battles of World War I explode within miles of her family home, a small village called Krzywcza.


Moshe, the young son of Pincus and Clara Potasznik, discovers his divine ability to foretell dire events, and to offer real comfort those in pain, taking the reader into the wisdom and mystery surrounding the ancient Jewish mysticism, known as Kabbalah.


A Cobbler’s Tale is a story of a family’s survival against tremendous odds.



A Seventeenth Century Tale of a Young Man's Search for the Great Spirit

It's the year 1675, and eighteen-year-old Lukas Pietersen, a young boy from the Dutch-controlled territory of New Amsterdam, is about to consume the ceremonial substance known as moon flower. The potent seeds from this nighttime blooming plant, prepared and administered by a shaman, will cause Lukas to lose his memory and thus begin his quest of becoming a warrior of the Pequawket tribe.

From the New World to the city of Amsterdam, down to the slave coast of West Africa, and across the Atlantic Ocean to the slave mart of Charles Town, Moon Flower follows Lukas as he meets chiefs, shamans, warriors, and the English army on his journey to forge a connection with the Great Spirit and battle a fearsome evil being called the Wendigo.



A Cobbler's Journey into the
Dreamworld and Beyond
Book Two

The Righteous One is the story of Moshe the cobbler, a gentle, sixty-year-old tzaddik—a righteous and saintly Jew—who is called upon to rekindle his divine connection to the Almighty in order to destroy the notorious New York gangster and rasha Solomon Blass, a man who uses his power of foreseeing events via his vivid dreams to advance his own financial interests. 


While Solomon and his son, Myron, seek to control much of Manhattan—its biggest businesses, its police department, and its city government—they find themselves embroiled in conflict with numerous powerful people from both their waking life and the dream world, where Moshe has begun training with the descendants of an ancient mystical spirit for his inevitable confrontation with Solomon.

As the final battle approaches, the divide between good and evil becomes ever clearer and each character faces the consequences of his past, present, and future actions. Will Solomon’s wily tenacity prevail, or will Moshe be strong enough to destroy the rasha’s wicked soul?



The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope

Book One 


Hope City is the adventure story of Samuel Rothman and his best friend, Liam Kampen, two teenage boys from San Francisco who, in the summer of 1898, venture into the goldfields of the Alaskan wilderness. 

Warned by his father to conceal his Jewish heritage from the ruffians he may encounter, Samuel changes his name to the less conspicuous Percy Hope. This fateful decision gives a yet-unnamed mining village a new identity and catapults Percy into a world where the good and the righteous must face greedy and ruthless adversaries. 

Along a waterway known as Turnagain Arm, the newly named Hope City and the more established Sunrise are like opposite sisters. The good and virtuous Hope, with a Catholic church led by the influential Reverend O’Hara, admonishes residents against committing the seven deadly sins. In Sunrise, villainous saloon owner Magnus Vega tempts prospectors with whiskey, gambling, and women. 

Hope City weaves the tale of a young man falling down a proverbial rabbit hole of unexpected toils and hardships and struggling to find his way back out, amid a wild and unforgiving environment where ambitious men and women seek their fortunes. 


Bonus material
From Hope City


“Did you see the morning paper, Sam?” Liam, red-faced, held up the early edition of the San Francisco Examiner.

I shook my head. “No, I haven’t had a minute since we’ve opened,” I said, standing on the second to the top rung of the sliding wooden ladder, and reaching overhead to put away the back stock of coffee beans.

“The headline says,” he began, lowering his voice, trying to sound like one of our teachers from school, “JUNE 6TH, 1898—REPORTS FROM FARAWAY LAND, WHERE THE EARTH SEEMS LINED WITH GOLD.”

“Wow, that’s something,” I said, trying to sound interested, and pointed to the bags on the floor. “Hey, Liam, do me a favor and hand me one of those.”

Liam put down the newspaper, bent over to grab a ten-pound burlap sack of beans, and lifted it up to me.

“Sam, we should go to seek our fortune. You’ll never get rich working in the store for your dad, and I’ll never make a living slaving away in that saloon, cooking and cleaning tables for those drunkards.”

“Sounds good, Liam,” I whispered, “but please stop talking about it. Father doesn’t like conversations unsuitable for customers.”

Liam looked around. “There’s no one in the store,” he said, picking up the newspaper again. “It says people are flocking to Alaska by the thousands. So far they found more than a ton of nuggets.”

“You believe that crap?” I said, climbing down the ladder, and grabbing a broom to sweep up the errant coffee beans scattered across the floor.

Liam tapped the paper with a finger, and said, “If it’s printed here, it must be true.”

I shook my head and exhaled. “You’re naïve.”

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