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Flash Fiction on Demand

Step into the World of Neil Perry Gordon's Flash Fiction on Demand: Where Your Imagination Sparks Reality!


Are you ready to embark on an adventure where the boundaries of time, space, and imagination dissolve at your command? Flash Fiction proudly unveils its newest, most electrifying service yet: Flash Fiction on Demand. Dive into a universe where your ideas fuel the engine of creativity, crafting bespoke stories that resonate with your spirit, challenge your perceptions, and transport you to realms unbound by the ordinary.

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Your Ideas, My Canvas


Have you ever dreamt of a world where shadows weave secrets, stars fall in love, or where the forgotten corners of history breathe life once more? With Flash Fiction on Demand, your fleeting thoughts and deepest yearnings become the seeds of untold stories. Whether it's the echo of a theme, the silhouette of a character, or a single moment captured in a prompt, Neil Perry Gordon stands ready to transform your inspiration into literary art.


Tailored Tales Just a Whisper Away


Imagine a service so unique that it brings the personalized touch of bespoke craftsmanship to the realm of storytelling. Each flash fiction piece, a compact masterpiece ranging from 100 to 1000 words, is meticulously woven to reflect the essence of your request. Perfect for gifting, personal exploration, or simply indulging in the luxury of your own creativity, our stories promise to be as varied and vibrant as our readers themselves.

Join the Adventure


Flash Gordon Fiction invites you to be part of a storytelling revolution, where each word is a world waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re looking to surprise a loved one with a story that speaks their language, seeking a unique piece of art to call your own, or simply curious to see where a moment of creativity can take you, Flash Fiction on Demand is your gateway to the extraordinary.

Special Launch Offer: A Journey of Wonder, On the House!

Discover the enchantment of storytelling with Neil Perry Gordon's Flash Fiction limited-time offer: receive our Flash Fiction on Demand service absolutely FREE! This golden opportunity allows you to explore the boundless realms of creativity, transforming your unique ideas into captivating stories crafted by Neil Perry Gordon.


Perfect for a meaningful gift, a personal keepsake, or a dive into creative exploration, this offer invites you into a world of magical storytelling without cost. Act quickly, as this journey through your imagination's landscape will soon become a premium service. Seize the chance to have your dreams elegantly scripted into tomorrow's tales. Join us in crafting enduring legacies from the whispers of your imagination, and let's embark on this extraordinary literary adventure together, on the house.

How It Works

Creating a captivating Flash Fiction story from your idea requires a blend of imagination, guidance, and specific insights. To ensure the story we craft resonates with your vision, here's a checklist of what you need to send me:


Core Idea or Theme: Describe the central concept, theme, or message you wish the story to convey. This could range from abstract themes like love, freedom, or betrayal to more concrete ideas like a technological breakthrough or a historical event.


Preferred Genre: Specify the genre or mix of genres you envision for your story, such as science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror, metaphysical, mystery, or historical fiction.


Main Character(s) Description: Briefly outline the protagonist and any significant characters. Include key traits, motivations, and specific physical or emotional characteristics important to the story.


Setting Details: Describe the setting where your story unfolds. Is it a futuristic city, a distant planet, an ancient kingdom, or perhaps a quiet suburban town? Include any critical time period details, environmental aspects, or cultural nuances.


Plot Points or Key Events: Outline any specific events or plot twists you want included. This could range from a critical confrontation, a surprising revelation, to a poignant moment of reflection.


Tone and Mood: Indicate the tone and mood you're aiming for. Should the story evoke a sense of mystery, fear, excitement, sadness, humor, or inspiration?


Narrative Perspective: Choose the narrative perspective that suits your story best—first person or third person.

Send your requests to:


Dear Neil Perry Gordon,


I am thrilled to have stumbled upon your unique service and can't wait to see the story blossoming from my imagination’s seeds. Here’s what I’ve conjured up for my personalized flash fiction request:


Core Idea or Theme:

My story’s heart is about redemption, specifically how one’s past misdeeds can be confronted and rectified. It’s about a man who has the chance to right a wrong from his youth, a wrong that has haunted him into his later years.


Preferred Genre:

I’d love for this to blend metaphysical and mystery genres. The idea of intertwining everyday life with unknown elements intrigues me.


Main Character(s) Description:

The protagonist is a retired detective named Henry. He’s grizzled and weary, carrying an unresolved case from his early career. He’s about sixty, with deep-set eyes that miss nothing and a limp from an old injury. Henry’s guilt is his constant companion, and he’s determined to find peace before his retirement is over.


Setting Details:

The story takes place in a small coastal town caught between its quaint, tourist-friendly façade and the gritty reality of its underbelly. The time period is the present day, but the town has a timeless quality, with its cobbled streets and salt-worn buildings.


Plot Points or Key Events:

The central event is the discovery of new evidence in the old case—a case that involved the disappearance of a local girl. Henry’s new lead is a mysterious locket found at the beach, which reignites his investigation.

Tone and Mood:

I want a mood of introspection and suspense, with moments of poignant nostalgia as Henry revisits his past. The tone should balance the line between hope and the haunting nature of a long-held regret.


Narrative Perspective:

The first-person perspective would serve this story well, allowing readers to delve deep into Henry's psyche and experience his journey intimately.


Thank you for offering such a creative and personalized service. I can't wait to read the story and see where you take these initial threads.


Warm regards,

Intrigued Reader

Echoes of Merrow’s Point

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I stood at the edge of redemption in the quiet coastal town of Merrow’s Point, where the past clung to the cobbled streets like the persistent sea fog. My name is Henry Callahan, and for thirty-five years, I’ve been haunted by the one case I couldn’t close, the disappearance of young Eliza Morgan.


The town had long moved on, but I never did. The weight of my failure bore down on me, a constant reminder of the detective I once aspired to be and the man I had become. I walked with a limp, a memento from chasing shadows, but the limp in my resolve to leave the past behind truly slowed my steps.


On one of my endless walks along the shore, where the sea whispered secrets to those patient enough to listen, I stumbled upon a locket half-buried in the sand. It was ornate, clearly from another era, and when I pried it open, Eliza Morgan’s youthful face smiled back at me, as alive as the day she vanished.


The locket was a clue I had long given up hope of finding, and it propelled me back into the investigation with a fervor I thought had died long ago. The town’s quaint charm belied its resistance to give up its ghosts, but I was determined to coax its secrets from the shadows.


In the reflection of Eliza’s portrait, I saw the young detective I once was, full of conviction and the belief that justice could always be found. I carried that image with me as I navigated through the town’s underbelly, a place tourists never saw, where the salt air couldn’t quite reach.


The locket led me to the Morgan’s old home, now decrepit, the laughter and warmth it once held replaced by a cold silence. But it was in the silence that the past began to speak. Eliza’s room was untouched, a shrine to a life interrupted. As I ran my fingers over the dusty surfaces, I felt the prickle of something unseen, a guide perhaps, leading me to a previously unseen small crack in the floorboards.


It was a nudge from the past, an instinct honed over years of sifting through lies to unearth the truth. The floorboards creaked under my weight, the sound a stark note in the stillness. My heart raced as, with my knife, I worked loose the board, revealing a hidden hollow. There, wrapped in a faded cloth, was Eliza’s diary, its pages holding the secrets of her last days.


Eliza’s diary, its pages steeped in the scent of brine and mystery, offered a tantalizing directive: “Within the caverns of Merrow’s Teeth, seek where shadows are deepest at the echo of the day’s last sigh.” Once scoured by investigators to no avail, the caves beckoned anew with her words as my compass.


Guided by her words, I delved into the cavern’s mouth, a hidden chamber untouched by the searches of old. There, nestled in an alcove that daylight had never kissed, lay a trove of damning evidence: the papers that painted a portrait of avarice and betrayal, the mayor’s name signed in greed—a motive for murder etched in ink.

I emerged from the tunnel with the final piece of the puzzle, the identity of her killer, someone whose deceit had rotted the core of Merrow’s Point. It was the mayor, a man whose ambition had been threatened by a young girl’s discovery.


The diary detailed meetings with the mayor and her naive trust in his promises to help the town. But interwoven was her growing fear as she documented discrepancies in the town’s finances, the mayor’s secret dealings that would ruin him if brought to light. In her words, I found the conviction; the mayor had silenced her, a permanent solution to a temporary problem.


Confronting him brought no satisfaction, only the realization that justice sometimes leaves a bitter taste. As he was led away in handcuffs, the town’s gaze upon us, I felt the loosening of the chains that had bound me to my past.


The mayor, now a specter of the man he once was, frail and teetering on the edge of his own twilight, met my gaze with eyes that were wells of regret. His voice, a mere whisper, was laden with the years he’d spent in the shadows of his deeds. “I thought I had outrun the past,” he confessed, the words tumbling like the first drops of a long-withheld storm. “But you can’t, can you, Henry?” His question was rhetorical, a shared acknowledgment of the ghosts that had haunted us both.


As the cuffs clicked shut, sealing the fate he had written for himself all those years ago, I watched a single tear trace a path down his weathered cheek, a silent testament to the remorse that had come too late. The mayor’s shoulders slumped, surrendering not to the arrest but to the weight of a lifetime of guilt. The town watched, a collective breath held, as its once-leader shuffled forward, each step a labored journey towards a long-overdue reckoning.


I returned to the beach where it all began, the locket in hand, and let it fall into the depths of the sea. It was an offering, a plea for forgiveness from the young girl who never got to live her life.


Now, as I sit on the porch of my home, looking out at the sea that knows all of Merrow’s Point’s secrets, I feel a semblance of peace. The past may never be undone, but redemption comes from facing it, from righting the wrongs we have the power to correct.


My name is Henry Callahan, and I am no longer haunted.

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