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The Bomb Squad Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Bomb Squad is the latest book by author Neil Perry Gordon and follows two WWI patriots. At the stroke of midnight a devastating explosion at Black Tom Island begins the story in this historical fiction novel. When this armaments depot is targeted the entire city of New York wakes up and two men are pulled into the examination of just what happened.

Dr. Harold Schwartz is a German spy and the administrator of the Ellis Island Hospital and Max Rothman is a New York City Detective who leads The Bomb Squad. Schwartz is serving the Fatherland and with his father, a dealer in lethal weapons and lifelong friend of the Kaiser, he is focused on distracting the Americans from joining the war. With his position at the prestigious immigrant hospital he is able to try and serve his mission. At the same time British Intelligence has recruited the highly regarded NYC detective Rothman to put together a team of German-speaking specialists who will be charged with investigating the sudden surge in German espionage along the Eastern Seaboard and among steamships crossing the Atlantic. These two men will find their lives connecting in a story of love, loss, friendship, and betrayal during a time where the world was at war.

Gordon is a strong historical fiction writer and he is able to very deftly craft a believable story that feels like it truly is from the era he is writing about. The concept of spy versus spy is handled in a way that will show you both sides of this espionage related back and forth. I felt transported to the past while reading this book and I found myself feeling able to connect with all of the characters, even those who in many cases would be considered the villain. The Bomb Squad is a well done story that fans of war time pieces or historical fiction in general will enjoy. 

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