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It’s the year 1675. Eighteen-year-old Lukas Pietersen is about to consume the ceremonial substance, known as Moon Flower. 

The potent seeds from this nighttime blooming plant, as prepared and administered by a shaman, will cause Lukas to lose his memory and begin his quest to become a warrior of the Pequawket tribe.

This epic tale follows Lukas, a young boy in the Dutch controlled territory of New Amsterdam, as he meets chiefs, shamans, warriors, and the English army on his quest to seek a connection with the Great Spirit.

From the New World to the city of Amsterdam, down to the slave coast of West Africa, and across the Atlantic Ocean to the slave mart of Charles Town, Moon Flower tells the story of Lukas Pietersen's adventures and his battles with a fearsome evil spirt – the Wendigo.

I am pleased to announce that after several months of work, A Cobbler's Tale is available on As a listener of hundreds of audiobooks, I know the importance of finding a narrator that fits the story and entertains the reader. That is why I was pleased to find Michael Fischbein.

Who is Michael Fischbein?

From "About Me" section on his website -

After graduating from the University of Minnesota back in the days before smartphones and the internet, I got myself involved in local radio broadcasting.  Sure, it was an AM 500-watt day-timer playing morning drive country music I wasn’t familiar with, and the boss was a rock-head and the pay was lousy, but I was on the air and I was having fun!  Even got to join AFTRA (okay, they made me join).

Always had fun at KTCR AM 690, but life moves on and children start growing so I moved into the high-tech world of computer programming. These were the days of screaming fast 1200 baud modems, where you would scream at the bulky terminal as it scrawled a single line at a time down the warm humming tube. Some of the bosses were still rock-heads but others were mildly enlightened, though the pay was still pretty lousy.

Yet the call of the radio wild remained, and in 2006 I found life again at a local community station, KFAI-FM. I joined as a volunteer, so the pay was still lousy, but the people were (and are) great.  I had a weekday morning show for seven years that introduced me to some wonderful and talented personalities, and along the way I started recording audiobooks for Audible.

Now with more audiobooks to work on and grandchildren to play with and read to, I’m having more fun than ever before.  Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the ride along with me!

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