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Updated: Apr 3, 2020


Clash of the Patriots – Book One

By Neil Perry Gordon

The Bomb Squad follows the tale of two WW1 patriots. The German spy Dr. Harold Schwartz, administrator of the Ellis Island Hospital, and New York City Detective Max Rothman, leader of The Bomb Squad…welcome to the Neil Perry Gordon’s new historical fiction release, The Bomb Squad [April 2nd, 2020]. At the stroke of midnight, a devastating explosion at Black Tom Island, an armaments depot, rocks New York City awake; and so begins this story of two patriots in World War I, each willing to put his life on the line in order to achieve a glorious victory for his cause.

Serving the Fatherland is Dr. Harold Schwartz, administrator of the prestigious Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital and a German spy. Along with his father, a dealer in lethal weapons and a lifelong friend of Kaiser Wilhelm, Schwartz is hell-bent on distracting the Americans from entering the war.

Meanwhile, the British Secret Intelligence Service recruits highly regarded New York City police detective Max Rothman to assemble a team of German-speaking specialists, known as the Bomb Squad. Their mission is to investigate the sudden surge of German espionage activity wreaking havoc along the Eastern Seaboard and among steamships attempting to cross the Atlantic.

The Bomb Squad follows these men’s exploits through an interconnecting tale of love, loss, friendship, and betrayal, stretching from American shores to the epicenter of German power during a time when the world is at war.

Connect with Neil Perry Gordon at, and Facebook.

The Bomb Squad is available on Amazon, and wherever books are sold.


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