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It’s 1898, and one of history’s most abundant gold discoveries has shaken awake the desolate city of Cape Nome, Alaska. Setting the scene for a riveting story of betrayal, murder, kidnapping, and government conspiracies, all of which form the backdrop for Percy Hope’s struggle to uncover the truth in a world poisoned by greed, deceit, and lies.

The BookViral Review:

A story of pluck and survival at a time when men poured into Alaska dreaming of riches, and more likely found disillusionment and death, Cape Nome continues the story of Percy Hope and once again finds Gordon on great form.

As with Gordon’s first installment in his Goldfield series, Cape Nome is an adventure story with all the expected traits of the genre whilst reaching higher to deal with the values of loyalty, friendship, perseverance and love.

Part dreamer, part hardened by the realities he’s faced, but always true to his word, Percy has certainly matured since his adventures in Hope City yet still retains his appeal as he tells his story alternated with that of Magnus Vega.

It’s a journey of exploration, it’s exciting, it stirs the imagination, with oodles of terrific suspense but there’s also a wholesome element to Gordon’s’s narrative. And whilst violence is never too far away their stories are an antidote to the violent and defeatist thrillers that many of today’s readers seem hooked on.

Good men die, bad men grow rich. That’s life. And the magic of Cape Nome is that Gordon captures the essence of humanity that exists between those two extremes. And you’d have to have a pretty hard heart not to be touched by it.

For discerning readers of Historical Fiction Cape Nome and its prequel, Percy Hope are must-reads. Receiving an unconditional five stars from the team at BookViral Cape Nome is unreservedly recommended!

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