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Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Meet Erica Miller - the artist for the covers of Hope City & Cape Nome

I've been a frequent visitor to Hope, Alaska, thanks to my dear friends Tom and Barbara Miller and their wonderful sons, Sam and Jack. From the very first trip to the Alaskan wilderness, and for each one since, they brought me to the former mining town of Hope on the Kenai Peninsula, hugging the coast of Turnagain Arm.

Much of the joy of my visits have not only enjoying this incomparable natural world, but also the warm and friendly people. Besides the Millers, who have been my closest friends for two decades, I have met many residents of Hope who have graciously welcomed me year after year.

One in particular is Erica Miller, a local, talented artist whose work has been featured in art galleries in Hope. She's done gorgeous landscapes of her surroundings and portraits that capture the essence of her subjects.

When I was pondering the cover design for Hope City, I asked Erica if she would consider providing the artwork. To my great fortune, she agreed. So I provided an outline of the story and Percy Hope, my main character and left the creativity to her.

The feedback I had was Erica's idea of using Sam Miller, Tom and Barb's son as a model for Percy. I loved the idea and waited anxiously for her creation. Below is the final drawing.

My goal was to visit Hope last summer, but with Covid, I was grounded in New Jersey. But my books made it to several popular spots: The Dirty Skillet, The Hope Library and Sourdough Dru's Gold and Gift shop. Many people recognized Sam as the cover model and asked him to autograph the book as a souvenir from the charming town.

My plan was to write a three-part series of the Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope, and in March, 2021, the second book was released - Cape Nome. Of course I returned to Erica, asking if she would do the second cover, this time using Jack Miller as the model representing my other major character Magnus Vega.

Below is the drawing she created.

As I mentioned before, the two covers represent two of the main characters of my series. The first book - Hope City, is Percy Hope. Erica chose Sam Miller as the model. Below is a photo of Sam.

The second book in the series is Cape Nome, and the character on the cover is Magnus Vega. Erica asked Jack Miller to pose for her creative interpretation.

I am grateful to have worked with Erica and look forward to our collaboration for Book 3 of the Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope. Which leaves me with the question - Who will Erica select for the next cover?

To buy either or both books check out my page on Amazon.

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