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Denali: The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope by Neil Perry Gordon

A thrilling, pulse-pounding adventure…

Gordon’s riveting third in The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope takes the courageous hero on an exhilarating adventure into the unforgettable terrains of North America’s tallest mountain peak. Determined to find his six-month-old son, Walter, and Walter’s mother, Peggy Greenburg, Percy Hope sets out for New York with his best friend Liam. While delivering Magnus’s possession of gold to his father, the duo come across the former’s journal and find themselves on a quest to track down a lost fortune of gold. Gordon skillfully weaves the mysterious metaphysical phenomena and the local folklore about evil presence in the ice caves into his story of courage, greed, deception, and adventure. There are dangerous clashes with gangsters, daring escapades, local political and bureaucratic intrigue, a high-stakes mountaineering adventure, and a lost fortune of gold at the heart of the ice caverns under Denali. Gordon vividly evokes the mountain’s natural beauty, but the book’s real power emanates from its lightning-paced narrative and non-stop twists. This page-turning historical thriller should have wide appeal.

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