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The hunt for gold was a time of discovery and excitement for many people. Neil Gordon Perry has crafted a story that takes this time period and allows readers to connect with two friends on their journey in Alaska. Hope City is the type of story that will remind people of the beloved stories like Call of the Wild that bring the adventures of the past to a present audience in an engaging way.

Samuel Rothman and his best friend Liam Kampen are two San Francisco teenagers who decide that they want to try their luck in the Alaskan wilderness. In the summer of 1898 they head out, but Samuel is told to hide his Jewish heritage in order to protect himself from ruffians. He takes on the new name of Percy Hope and this choice will lead to a curious time in an unnamed mining town. The good and righteous will find themselves facing off against greedy and ruthless adversaries. Hope City will become a beacon of virtue and hope, while Sunrise, a villainous saloon owner will tempt prospects with all the evils of liquor, gambling, and women.

For those who have not read Neil Perry Gordon’s works before, Hope City is a wonderful addition to his historical fiction works. He excels at creating such rich locations and his ability to weave in morality type stories within his larger narratives speaks to a deep desire for happy endings. Hope City shows a main character who must struggle his way out of toils and hardships in order to make his way back to a life of virtue in a place that is full of ambitious and sometimes immoral people.

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