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Sadie’s Sin Book Review from The Nerdy Girl Express

Neil Perry Gordon, who has been featured on The Nerdy Girl Express before, is back with a new historical fiction work that focuses on a female lead character. Sadie’s Sin follows a woman who has lost control of her life when a marriage turns into something darker. This book will transport you back in time into a world of veiled crimes and vile deceptions.

Sadie Wollman is a young woman living in 1924 Warsaw, Poland and while she has fallen for a university professor named Alexander Kaminski she finds herself betrothed to someone else. The professor is not Jewish and to stop their daughter from marrying a gentile her parents quickly set up a marriage to a wealthy Jewish business man named Ezra Porkevitch. They think she will live a life of luxury, but what they did not know is that her husband was tied to the Zwi Migdal, a Jewish crime group that traffics young women in brothels in Buenos Aires. When Alex learns what has happened to Sadie he sets out to rescue her with his friend Jan Mazur. They will have to get her away from The Tango and get Sadie her freedom back.

Much like with his other work, Gordon is able to craft a story that feels completely real. You will feel as though you are watching true events unfold right before your eyes. He has created a love story here that transcends continents with Alexander searching desperately for a way to save Sadie from what has happened to her. If you are looking for a beautifully done love story that highlights the power that the connection between two people can have then this is a book you should check out. You can get your copy of Sadie’s Sin today.

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