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q & A with neil Perry gordon


Contact: Sarah Gilbert

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Question: What spiritual elements can readers expect in The Righteous One?

Neil Perry Gordon: The Righteous One was inspired through a creative interpretation of Jewish mysticism, known as Kabbalah. Within this framework, we have the story of the cobbler, a reluctant hero and tzaddik, who must try to extinguish the eternal soul of a notorious gangster and rasha. But in order for him to triumph, the cobbler must learn how to survive in the dream world, from those already thriving in this alternate reality.

Q: Although The Righteous One is in the metaphysical genre, how can events in the new release seem believable?

Gordon: It is through the creation and development of plausible characters that allows the reader to join in on this journey to a place where the supernatural is presented as a tangible reality.

Q: In your first novel, A Cobbler’s Tale, the reader is introduced to characters in its sequel, The Righteous One, as well as the significance of the Kabbalah. What can readers expect of the Kabbalah in this new release?

Gordon: An important part of the story revolves around the spiritual figure known as the tzaddik. According to Kabbalah, there are only 36 tzaddik on earth at any one time. A person who is considered tzaddik, is also referred to as the “righteous one.” As in many spiritual practices, as a counter-balance to the tzaddik, there is the rasha, or the “evil one.” The story of the tzaddik and the rasha are drawn upon from inspirational readings from Kabbalah mysticism.

Q: As an author, you highly researched your previous works of historical fiction. What did you do to prepare for writing for the reader who enjoys metaphysical fiction?

Gordon: Researching ideas and inspiration for this novel was not much different than historical fiction. I studied the practices of lucid dreaming, ancient Kabbalistic wisdom, and references to the bible. It was through these relatable concepts that the reader is able to take the leap into believing that the extraordinary has become ordinary.

Neil Perry Gordon achieved his goal of becoming an author of historical fiction with his first novel, A Cobbler’s Tale, published in the fall of 2018. With dozens of reviews praising his writing style, he released his second novel, Moon Flower, the following year. Born in the Bronx, Neil is the eldest son to Elaine and Walter Gordon. At the age of seven years old, Neil’s family moved from the Bronx, to the suburban community of Rockland County. Neil graduated as the first high school class from the Green Meadow Waldorf School in 1976. Shortly after graduating in 1980 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Pace University, he moved to South Florida and started a drapery business. In 1990, he relocated back to New York. He has two adult sons, Samuel and Maximilian. Neil has written two professional trade books, The Designer’s Coach, and An Architect’s Guide to Engineered Shading Solutions.

Connect with Neil Perry Gordon at, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Righteous One is available on Amazon, IndieBound, and wherever books are sold.


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