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Percy Hope is back in Hope, Alaska

Book Signing at The Dirty Skillet - Friday - July 7th @ 5 PM

Hope City

The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope

Book One

Hope City is the adventure story of Samuel Rothman and his best friend, Liam Kampen, two teenage boys from San Francisco who, in the summer of 1898, venture into the goldfields of the Alaskan wilderness.

​Warned by his father to conceal his Jewish heritage from the ruffians he may encounter, Samuel changes his name to the less conspicuous Percy Hope. This fateful decision gives a yet-unnamed mining village a new identity and catapults Percy into a world where the good and the righteous must face greedy and ruthless adversaries.

Along a waterway known as Turnagain Arm, the newly named Hope City, and the more established Sunrise are like opposite sisters. The sound and virtuous Hope, with a Catholic church led by the influential Reverend O’Hara, admonishes residents against committing the seven deadly sins. In Sunrise, villainous saloon owner Magnus Vega tempts prospectors with whiskey, gambling, and women.

​Hope City weaves the tale of a young man falling down a proverbial rabbit hole of unexpected toils and hardships and struggling to find his way out amid a wild and unforgiving environment where ambitious men and women seek their fortunes.

Cape Nome

The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope

Book Two

It’s 1898, and one of history’s most abundant gold discoveries has shaken awake the desolate city of Cape Nome, Alaska. This monumental find by John Brynteson, Jafet Lindeberg, and Erik Lindblom earns them the moniker of the Three Lucky Swedes.

​News of their excellent fortune spreads swiftly, and by the summer of 1900, tens of thousands of dreamers trek over land and by sea to the mines surrounding Anvil Creek and upon the Bering Sea beaches, where gold deposits pepper the soft sands.

Cape Nome chronicles the continuing adventures of Percy Hope, following his exploits two years earlier in Hope City. Now a journalist for William Randolph Hearst’s San Francisco Examiner, Percy is assigned to Nome to report on the subsequent great stampede.

​Along the way, Percy encounters and befriends the legendary gunman Wyatt Earp and his spirited wife, Josephine, and an assemblage of amusing, disarming, and sinister characters, including the sea monster—the Qalupalik.

Cape Nome is a riveting story of betrayal, murder, kidnapping, and government conspiracies, all forming the backdrop for Percy Hope’s struggle to uncover the truth in a world poisoned by greed, deceit, and lies.


The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope

Book Three

The final book of Neil Perry Gordon’s Goldfield Trilogy begins in the autumn of 1901 when Percy Hope ventures off to New York City’s Lower East Side in search of his six-month-old son and his mother—the fugitive Peggy Greenburg.

​Along the way, Percy stumbles upon an intriguing journal left behind by the late Magnus Vega, who tragically drowned in the Bering Sea a year earlier. Magnus’s detailed account chronicles his voyage into Alaska’s unforgiving winter wilderness and includes a cryptic map that sends Percy and his best friend, Liam, on a whirlwind quest to track down a lost fortune of gold, outmaneuver notorious gangsters, and uncover the metaphysical mystery behind what happened to Magnus within the glorious ice caverns under North America’s tallest mountain peak—Denali.

​Denali is the conclusion of the Alaskan adventures of Percy Hope and the colorful cast of characters he encounters. Throughout this trilogy, he abides by the timeless advice of his mentor and fellow author Jack London, who once proclaimed, “You can’t wait for inspiration, Percy. You must go after it with a club.”

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