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Cape Nome is the second book in The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope series by Neil Gordon. I have previously reviewed the first book in the series and was curious about the continued adventures of the main character. This second book picks up two years after the events of the first in the the now flourishing city of Cape Nome, Alaska.

In 1898 and with one of the most abundant gold discoveries in Cape Nome, Alaska the men behind the find have become known as Three Lucky Swedes. John Brynteson, Jafet Lindeberg, and Erik Lindblom have set in motion the growth of this once desolate city. With news of their fortune spreading by the summer of 1900 tens of thousands of people have made it to the mines surrounding Anvil Creek. They are seeking gold there and along the Bering Sea Beaches.

Percy has now become a journalist and works for the San Francisco Examiner. He has been sent to Nome to report back about the massive influx of people there seeking gold. Once he arrives Percy befriends Wyatt Earp and Josephine, alone with a series of both frightening and delightful characters. This even includes a sea monster known as the Qalupalik. This story has everything: murder, kidnapping, government conspiracies, and the overarching hope for truth.

Percy is the sort of character that anyone can relate to. His desire to find truth and try and exist outside of a world that is full of danger and often dangerous people is remarkable. Neil Gordon constantly crafts works that uplift and showcase people who are fighting about the darkness surrounding them. This is a beautifully written historical fiction that will transport you to the time of the Gold Rush and will show you how hope and truth can endure, even when the world seems determined to hide them.

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