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Embracing Craig’s Energy

After sharing my recent experience with the mystical Luz bone and the connection to my brother Craig’s over-abundant energy, I received a heartfelt email from Heather, Craig’s widow. Her reflections added a beautiful layer to my understanding of Craig’s boundless spirit.


Heather wrote:
Craig is so energetic... How wonderful a story and realization! Thank you! I had an intimate conversation in the car today with Max (Craig's nephew). I talked a bit about our time in therapy together. He asked me how the therapist helped us. Craig was told, ‘You are energetically squashing Heather.’ It was one of the things we were working on together. He had (and has) so much to offer, think about, and share, but he struggled with impulse control, and for me, as a contemplative, it could be overwhelming. He had so much energy! And I do not doubt it is continuing. I’m glad you could break through and ask him to quiet it down a bit. What a Love! And the one positive thing about not having impulse control was that he loved me so grandly. It was so obvious. And it was such a gift for me.


Reflecting on Heather’s email (with permission to post), I was reminded of the conversation I had at the café about the Luz bone and my subsequent realization that the persistent pain in my neck could be a sign of Craig’s energetic presence. It became clear that my brother’s vibrant spirit, while a comforting reminder of our bond, might need some gentle tuning.


“Craig,” I thought, “I feel your presence, and it comforts me deeply. But sometimes, it's a bit too intense for me to handle. Could you please dial it down just a notch? I only need a subtle nudge to know you’re here with me.”


As I spoke these words, a gentle wave of peace washed over me, as if Craig had heard my request and understood. Over the next few days, the persistent ache in my neck began to ease, transforming from a sharp reminder into a gentle, warm presence.


Heather’s insight and my subsequent conversation with Craig have brought a new dimension to my journey of grief and connection. Craig’s energy, though powerful, is now more subtle and comforting. It serves as a reminder of our enduring bond and the love that continues to guide me through the days.


This experience has taught me that communication and boundaries are essential, even in the realm of spirit. Maintaining a loving connection with those we’ve lost while finding ways to balance their energy in our lives is possible. Craig’s love and enthusiasm continue to inspire me, but now, with a touch more serenity.


Thank you, Heather, for sharing your reflections and helping me navigate this beautiful, albeit complex, journey with Craig’s spirit. Your words have provided clarity and comfort, reinforcing the power of love and understanding across both physical and spiritual realms.

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