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The Luz Bone is Connected to...

The Journey of the Soul

A few good friends gathered around a rustic wooden table in a charming outdoor café. The evening air was filled with the soothing sounds of a harpist, guitarist, drummer, and vocalist serenading us with soulful Spanish songs. Fairy lights twinkled above, casting a warm, golden glow that mingled with the soft light of lanterns scattered throughout the courtyard. Laughter and conversation flowed freely, accompanied by the gentle clinking of wine glasses and the occasional applause for the musicians. It was an evening of camaraderie and connection, which lingers in memory long after the night has ended.

As we sipped our drinks and enjoyed the music, Matthew, a longtime friend, brought up an intriguing topic.

"Do any of you know what the Luz bone is?" he asked, his voice cutting through the gentle hum of the café.

We all exchanged puzzled glances and shook our heads. Sensing our curiosity, he explained its significance, diving into the fascinating details that would soon resonate deeply with me.

"The Luz bone," he began, leaning in as if sharing a secret, "is a small, indestructible bone at the top of the spine. This bone, they say, never decays, even after the rest of the body has returned to dust.”

He continued, "Jewish mystics believe the Luz bone is not just a physical entity but also a metaphor for the essence of our being—the indestructible part of our soul that carries our true self through various incarnations. In this view, the Luz bone represents our spiritual DNA, the eternal spark that remains constant despite the changes in our physical form. It's seen as the foundation of our identity, holding all our past experiences, wisdom, and potential for future growth. This interpretation suggests that the Luz bone symbolizes our unbreakable spirit and journey through time, connecting us to a higher purpose and the divine."

As he spoke, I couldn't help but think about the persistent pain in the back of my neck, exactly where the Luz bone lies. The discomfort had been a constant companion for weeks, a dull ache that flared up unpredictably. I had attributed it to stress or perhaps a poor sleeping posture, but now, with this newfound knowledge, it felt like more than just a physical ailment.

Moments later, while still at the cafe, I recalled the channeling session with my brother Craig, who had passed seven months ago. In the dim light of my living room, I connected by Zoom with a gifted medium, seeking a way to bridge the gap between our worlds. Craig’s presence had felt tangible, his voice clear, comforting, and revealing. During our session, I asked him if he could remind me to think of him, something akin to the number 444 that my son Sam uses to signal his presence. Craig had responded with a warmth and certainty that left an indelible mark on my heart.

“Yes,” he had said, “when you feel warmth at the base of your neck, by the top of your spine, think of me.”

At the time, I had accepted his message with gratitude, feeling a sense of solace in knowing there was a way, though until that moment still unfilled, to connect with him. But now, sitting in the café, the pieces began to fall into place. Could this warmth, this discomfort, be associated with the Luz bone? The very spot where I had been experiencing pain?

The thought was both startling and comforting. The Luz bone, as my friend had described, was a symbol of indestructibility and eternal life. If the warmth Craig spoke of was connected to this bone, it meant that his presence, his essence, was tied to something eternal within me. It wasn’t just a random ache; it was a reminder of our unbroken bond, transcending the boundaries of life and death.

Could that be my Luz bone? The notion resonated deeply within me. It was as if the universe had conspired to reveal this hidden truth, connecting the mystical with the personal in a way that felt both profound and natural. The pain, the warmth, Craig’s message—all converged into a single, powerful realization. My Luz bone was not just a physical part of me; it was a conduit to the spiritual, a link to my brother and the eternal journey of the soul.

I shared this realization with my friends, expressing my profound gratitude for this ethereal connection but admitting my wish for it to be less painful. Amy, Matthew's wife, responded with a serene smile and offered some metaphysical wisdom. "Tell Craig to tone it down," she suggested gently,

"Spirits often aren't aware of the intensity of their energy in our realm. I've experienced similar sensations and found relief by asking the angels to temper the energy to a more gentle vibration," she explained.

This realization brought a sense of peace and clarity. The persistent pain no longer felt like a burden but a gentle reminder of the divine connection I shared with my brother. It symbolized hope, continuity, and the enduring nature of love and spirit.

With Amy's advice, I decided to have a quiet moment later that evening to communicate with Craig, asking him to ease the intensity of his energy. Knowing that I could still feel his presence, albeit more gently, gave me comfort. The Luz bone, with its profound significance, had transformed from a source of discomfort into a beacon of spiritual connection and eternal love.

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