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The Righteous One: A Cobbler's Journey into the Dreamworld and Beyond Series: The Cobbler's Books (Book 2) Neil Perry Gordon Independently Published 9781732667792, $13.99 PB, $4.99 Kindle, 362pp,

Following less than a year after the release of his book, A Cobbler's Tale, Neil Perry Gordon follows it with the sequel, The Righteous One: A Cobbler's Tale into the Dreamworld and Beyond. The first book had focused on the Potasznik family and surrounded them in a world of mysticism and adventure as they were pushed beyond their limits to survive. This new book Moshe Potasznik, who was just a teenager in the first book, is now a cobbler himself and past middle age. He has been called to destroy the rasha and notorious New York gangster Solomon Blass and in doing so moves between the metaphysical and the real world.

This story is an examination of one's inner life and how you can transcend the present in order to go deeper into the idea of a universal spiritual truth. Gordon focuses on giving the soul a voice by revisiting elements of the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah and also exposing a darker side of it through this spiritual adventure that delves into the past, present, and future through the battles between good and evil, Moshe and Solomon, tzaddik and rasha. Moshe must rekindle his connection to the almighty in order to remove Solomon Blass from power in New York. Blass is himself also able to use elements of the metaphysical to foresee events and allow him to advance his financial interests. As he and his son, Myron, work to control Manhattan they are also in conflict with powerful people in both the real and dream worlds. Moshe must prepare himself and train with his descendants of an ancient mystical spirit in order to be ready for the final conflict between the wily Solomon and himself.

What is interesting about The Righteous One is that it not only establishes a curious battle between two men for the sake of New York itself, but the elements of the metaphysical that are blended in feel so natural. Gordon has created a story where the idea of vivid dreams and elements of the mystical are something so normal for the main characters that you will feel completely connected to the ideas being presented. Moshe has also already dealt with some elements of the darker sides of Kabbalah and he is preparing himself as best as he can for the final fight against someone who uses his gifts in a way that harms others. As someone who enjoys a crime story the inclusion of gangsters and illegal dealings was also interesting to see spread throughout the book. Even Solomon and his son are not immune from power plays and dangerous liaisons. You can get your copy of The Righteous One today.

Katherine Kleffner, Reviewer

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