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Check out the eight novels below:

Novels by Neil Perry Gordon

A COBBLER'S TALE – Jewish Immigrants Story of Survival, from Eastern Europe to New York's Lower East SideBook One (October 2018)

A Cobbler’s Tale is an adventure/survival story about a Jewish cobbler— Pincus Potasznik, from a small shtetl in Galicia, seeking a better life for his family ventures to New York's Lower East Side against tremendous odds. Meanwhile his pregnant wife Clara does her best to protect their family, as the bloodiest battles of World War I explode within miles of their home.

MOON FLOWER – A Seventeenth Century Tale of a Young Man's Search for the Great Spirit (February 2019)

From the New World to the city of Amsterdam, down to the slave coast of West Africa, and back across the Atlantic Ocean to the slave mart of Charles Town, Moon Flower follows Lukas as he meets chiefs, shamans, warriors, and the English army on his journey to forge his connection to the Great Spirit and battles a fearsome evil being called the Wendigo.

THE RIGHTEOUS ONE – A Cobbler's Journey into the ​Dreamworld and Beyond – Book Two (September 2019)

The Righteous One is the story of Moshe the cobbler, a gentle, sixty-year-old tzaddik—a righteous and saintly Jew—who is called upon to rekindle his divine connection to the Almighty in order to destroy the notorious New York gangster and rasha Solomon Blass, a man who uses his power of foreseeing events via his vivid dreams to advance his own financial interests.

THE BOMB SQUAD Clash of the Patriots (April 2020)

The Bomb Squad follows the exploits of two men: Dr. Harold Schwartz, administrator of the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital and a German spy, and his counterpart—New York City police detective Max Rothman, who has assembled a team of German-speaking specialists, known as the Bomb Squad. It’s an interconnecting tale of love, loss, friendship, and betrayal, stretching from American shores to the epicenter of German power—Berlin, during a time when the world is at war.

HOPE CITY The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope – Book One (May 2020)

Hope City weaves the tale of Samuel Rothman, AKA—Percy Hope as he falls down the proverbial rabbit hole of unexpected toils and hardships and struggles to find his way back out, amid a wild and unforgiving environment where ambitious men and women seek their fortunes during the Alaskan gold rush of 1898.

SADIE’S SIN The Zwi Migdal's Reign of Terror (November 2020)

Sadie Wollman, a young Jewess in 1924 Warsaw, Poland, has fallen in love with the handsome university professor—Alexander Kaminski. But when her traditional parents learn about this possible unholy matrimony to a gentile, they hastily arrange a brokered marriage to a supposed wealthy Argentine Jewish business man—Ezra Porkevitch. Sadie’s Sin is an epic-romantic tale of an innocent woman's torment as she is sold to the city's most prestigious brothel—The Tango, and the hero's journey across three continents, seeking her rescue.

CAPE NOMEThe Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope – Book Two (March 2021)

It’s 1898, and one of history’s most abundant gold discoveries has shaken awake a desolate city along Alaskan’s far western coast. With famous characters such as Wyatt Earp and the Three Luck Swedes, Cape Nome is a riveting story of betrayal, murder, kidnapping, and government conspiracies, all of which form the backdrop for Percy Hope’s struggle to uncover the truth in a world poisoned by greed, deceit, and lies.

​OTZI’S ODYSSEY – The Troubled Soul of a Neolithic Iceman (January 2022)

Otzi’s Odyssey is the journey Clan Chief Bhark’s troubled soul, as he seeks redemption for a five-thousand year old bargain he made with a soul hunter to save his family and clan, that consequently doomed him to the four demonic realms of Gehenna, where he fights for the salvation—and ultimate redemption—of his eternal soul.

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