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Keely, Strader, and the Development of Etheric Technology

And how it relates to the Cerebro-Cube Transducer

When I penned my recent novel, "Between Two Gates: A Young Man's Quest Toward Birth," I had no idea how deeply the fictional "Cerebro-Cube Transducer" (CCT) would resonate with historical and philosophical concepts. Exploring Samuel's purpose of rebirth and his connection with the CCT, the novel has since revealed uncanny parallels with real-world ideas that have surprised and intrigued me.

John Ernst Worrell Keely's Influence

John Ernst Worrell Keely was a nineteenth-century inventor and mystic whose work has unexpectedly resonated with themes in my novel, particularly in relation to the Cerebro-Cube Transducer (CCT). Keely's life was filled with intrigue and controversy as he embarked on the quest to understand and harness a mysterious force he referred to as "etheric" or "vibratory." This force, he believed, had the potential to revolutionize the way energy was understood and used.

Keely's etheric theories resonate profoundly with the concept of the CCT in my novel. He claimed to have discovered an unseen vibratory force that could transform energy use. The controversy surrounding his work, the enigmatic nature of his machines, and the inability to successfully demonstrate his theories to the scientific community all echo Samuel's challenges in understanding and utilizing the CCT. The parallels between Keely's real-life endeavors and the metaphysical dimensions of my novel continue to surprise me, creating a unique narrative tapestry where mysticism, science, and philosophy blend.

Strader's Perspective

Strader, a fascinating character from Rudolf Steiner's plays, is an engineer who is deeply involved in exploring the intersection between technology and spiritual wisdom. This character represents a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, and his quest to harmonize these two worlds resonates with elements of my novel, particularly in Samuel's rebirth journey.

Strader's interest in technology and his desire to connect it with spiritual wisdom shares a profound link with Samuel's own transformation. This connection adds depth to Samuel's journey in "Between Two Gates," especially in the Cerebro-Cube Transducer (CCT) context. Strader's philosophy enriches the novel, adding complexity to Samuel's exploration of his purpose and understanding of the CCT. His insights into the relationship between humanity, technology, and spirituality are filled with hidden connections and wisdom that continue to astonish me and echo throughout the novel's themes.

The Possibilities of Etheric Technology

The concept of ether, or etheric energy, is a mesmerizing idea that permeates both the physical world and the more abstract realms of spirituality and metaphysics. In "Between Two Gates," this idea plays a central role, serving as the theoretical framework for the Cerebro-Cube Transducer (CCT) and connecting Samuel's purpose of rebirth and his understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

Although dismissed by mainstream science, Etheric energy represents a universal medium that transcends the boundaries of conventional wisdom. It has remained an essential part of various alternative science theories and spiritual traditions, which resonate deeply with the themes explored in my novel. Samuel's exploration of the CCT becomes a symbolic journey into the essence of existence, linking the mundane and the divine, the knowable and the mysterious.

The alignment between this fictional invention of the CCT and the historical views on etheric energy provides an unexpected harmony that enriches the novel's theme and reflects a broader understanding of the nature of reality. The synergy between these elements brings depth and complexity to Samuel's journey, reinforces philosophical underpinnings, and leaves me astonished at the intricate parallels between fiction and esoteric thought.


The connections between "Between Two Gates: A Young Man's Quest Toward Birth" and the insights from Keely, Strader, and etheric technology go beyond mere coincidence. They shed light on the deeper meanings and complexities of the human condition, science, spirituality, and the pursuit of self-discovery. My surprise at these resonances has transformed my understanding of the novel's themes and made me appreciate the mysterious ways in which fiction can reflect and intersect with reality. These serendipitous connections continue to fuel my curiosity and offer a thrilling exploration into the unknown territories of human consciousness and creativity.

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