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Otzi's Odyssey-The Troubled Soul Of A Neolithic Iceman

"Otzi's Odyssey-The Troubled Soul Of A Neolithic Iceman" by Neil Perry Gordon is set to be published in November. Based on a true story about the discovery of an iceman in the Italian alps in 1991 but with a twist! Known for writing historical fiction, Neil Perry Gordon has written several books. Among his previous works are A Cobbler's Tale, Moon Flower, The Righteous One, and The Bomb Squad to name a few.

His love for writing stems from his education at the Green Meadow Waldorf School, where he studied a wide range of subjects including writing and literature. Gordon currently resides in Park Ridge, NJ, and is looking forward to sharing his new book with readers worldwide. Continue reading to learn more.

What ultimately led you to write "Otzi's Odyssey - The Troubled Soul Of A Neolithic Iceman?"?

My son Max first introduced me to Otzi, a five-thousand-year-old natural mummy stumbled upon by two German hikers in the Italian Alps in 1991. This discovery astonished the archeological and scientific communities by the amount of information provided, both from the iceman himself and the items he carried.

While a few books and movies had been created trying to imagine this Neolithic man’s life and how he ended up upon the mountainside, I thought it would be interesting to take a different approach. One not only about the man killed and frozen into a glacier but to tell the tale of his soul was as well.

Your book has a spiritual component that I really appreciate. What made you decide to take this path?

I try in most of my novels to incorporate metaphysical elements. This has in essence made my writing a spiritual practice. Trying to weave such ideas into my stories has opened my mind and heart to the journey of the soul.

You have written a variety of novels. What is your favorite novel you have written so far?

I’ve been asked that question before and as much as I try to pick a favorite I come to the same conclusion: my novels are like my children. Each one has brought me joy in its creation and satisfaction or pride in hearing wonderful reviews and insightful comments from readers.

Do you think this book will appeal most to a specific audience?

I’m sure there will be those who want to read about Otzi’s discovery and his life five-millennium ago. But I believe it will mostly appeal to those who want to explore the journey of the soul. What happens when we pass on and enter the spirit world? There’s no reason to assume our personal story ends when we die.

What message do you hope readers will take away from it?

How the wonder of our beings are more than just our physical bodies used as vessels while we walk upon the earth. It’s my desire to share my story as a way to enlighten the reader as to the possibilities of the universe.

How can we learn more about you and Otzi's Odyssey?

Please visit my website at or on my Amazon page.

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