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Moon Flower The Seven Books of Lukas

By Neil Perry Gordon



A seventeenth century tale of a young man’s search for the Great Spirit …welcome to the Neil Perry Gordon’s new historical fiction release, Moon Flower [February 15, 2019]. It’s the year 1675 and eighteen-year-old Lukas Pietersen is about to consume the ceremonial substance, known as Moon Flower. The potent seeds from this nighttime blooming plant, as prepared and administered by a shaman, will cause Lukas to lose his memory and begin his quest to become a warrior of the Pequawket tribe.

This epic tale follows Lukas, a young boy in the Dutch controlled territory of New Amsterdam, as he meets chiefs, shamans, warriors, and the English army on his quest to seek a connection with the Great Spirit.

From the New World to the city of Amsterdam, down to the slave coast of West Africa, and across the Atlantic Ocean to the slave mart of Charles Town, Moon Flower tells the story of Lukas Pietersen's adventures and his battles with a fearsome evil spirt – the Wendigo.

Moon Flower is the second novel by Author Neil Perry Gordon. His first - A Cobbler's Tale begins in year 1910 and follows Pincus Potasznik, a Jewish cobbler who has left his pregnant wife and three small children to sail for America. His goal is to seek a new life for his family in the burgeoning Lower East Side of Manhattan, while his family attempts to survive the ravages of World War 1.

Connect with Neil Perry Gordon at, and Facebook.

Moon Flower is available on Amazon.


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