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Connecting History to Reader's Heart October 27, 2018

This is one of those wonderful books of fiction that are based on real historical events. The author crafted a high-paced story with vivid details that make you feel you’re watching a movie… The characters come to life and make history alive! Definitely a good read. For anyone interested in Jewish history this book will make an excellent addition to their library.


Great story for fans of historical fiction! October 27, 2018

A Cobbler's Tale by Neil Perry Gordon is the type of book I love to read. It combines a taste of history along with an adventure story of a family immigrating to the Lower East Side in the early 20th Century. Neil has created wonderful characters that are easy to connect with. I particularly enjoyed the taste of the Kabbalah mysticism with the story of the tzaddik and the rasha. As a first time author of historical fiction,...Read More


An easy, yet interesting read... October 25, 2018

Historical novels can sometimes slow you down with too much information and dry facts. Not this novel. Mr. Gordon uses short chapters, interesting characters and just enough detail to keep you asking, "What will happen next?" By using this method, Gordon transports you back in time and across two continents to share the adventures of Pincus, Clara and other memorable characters who risk their lives in war torn Europe and the...Read More


Loved this book! October 21, 2018

I enjoyed this book very much. The story line is one you know and this author reimagines it beautifully. The author uses short descriptive chapters which keeps the story moving quickly and had me turning pages for more. Characters were well developed and I found myself thinking about them away from the book. There are plenty of twists and turns, one of my favorites (without revealing too much) was when the main characters...Read More


A story of life interrupted and redirected. October 20, 2018

There is much to recommend this book, the story is interesting, the characters are believable, the action is relatively fast paced. There are several insightful moments and passages scattered throughout. Readers who enjoy period, or historical, fiction should enjoy this author’s first effort at writing a fictional work.The narrative begins aboard one of the many transatlantic passenger ships plying the Atlantic with...Read More


A very well wrought treatment of a Jewish immigrants experiences in New York City in 1910 October 17, 2018

The Cobbler’s Tale begins in a small Jewish community in Galacia, in 1910 it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. (Today it is in Poland.) Pincus Potasznik, is a second generation cobbler (cobblers repaired, cleaned and made shoes and boots) with a shop inherited from his father, his wife Clara, pregnant, and three children. He is Jewish in a time and place where life is hard and sometimes dangerous for Jews. 1910 is...Read More


Intriguing October 16, 2018

An immigrant's tale that took turns that I didn't expect. The two very different main characters made the book a good read. If you aren't familiar with the treatment of the Jewish people during the early 20th century, this book gives good insight. Overall an interesting read that had a level of suspense and twists I didn't expect.


Interesting Story October 16, 2018

Story of an immigrant to the US from Eastern Europe. Very similar to other books I have read as to their need to immigrate and the harsh reality of the boat ride across the Atlantic. What was different was the way Pincus settled in on the Lower East Side of NYC and his "friends" way of doing business. Interesting how he rescued his family during WWI. This could be the story of many people whose grandparents (or great grandparents)...Read More

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