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5 stars Old World, New World, Real World a triumphant journey

Great American Dream meets Great American Novel.

“Love is the light that triumphs over darkness,” Moshe Potasznik says in A COBBLER'S TALE, and this message could not have better timing. Neil Perry Gordon draws from his own family lore to impart knowledge and take readers on a roller coaster of emotion in this sizzling page-turner. The writing is as beautiful as the Broadway starlet, the epic quest as righteous as the tzaddik, the drama as rich as the regal prince and racketeering bosses, the takeaway as vital as the venerable rabbis in old and new worlds. Now is the time to look into the soul. Now is the time for courage. Now is the time for empathy. Hold onto your dreams and hold onto your shoes.

Readers of all faiths will love the thrilling experience of A COBBLER'S TALE.

Mark Newman, No. 1 bestselling author of DIAMONDS FROM THE DUGOUT

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