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Updated: Nov 19, 2023


"Where in the Soul World is Craig? - A Travelog of an Ethereal Journey" is a chronicle of a voyage that defies the limitations of the physical and the material. It unfolds as a serial narrative, each episode entering a realm uncharted by conventional exploration. Within these weekly postings, you will encounter experiences that defy explanation, encounters with beings whose existence challenges the very essence of our understanding, and insights that beckon us to question the nature of our own consciousness.

This is not a story bound by the familiar parameters of the earthly plane. Instead, it invites you to embark on a metaphysical odyssey, to journey alongside the soul of Craig as he unravels the mysteries of the afterlife and endeavors to understand the circumstances that led to his untimely departure from the world of the living. It is a tale of profound transformation, a sojourn that delves into the deepest recesses of our beliefs and seeks answers to questions that resonate beyond our mortal existence.

Prepare to step beyond the veil of separation and venture into a realm where the ordinary gives way to the extraordinary, where the metaphysical becomes the tangible, and where the soul's journey unveils the secrets of the universe. Welcome to "Where in the Soul World is Craig? - A Travelog of an Ethereal Journey."


As life’s grasp slowly relinquished its hold on Craig, a kind and gentle man, he stood at the threshold of existence—at the boundary between two worlds. What lay before him was an ethereal realm bathed in a soft, radiant light that seemed to pulse with warmth, love, and an indescribable sense of peace. The transition from the earthly realm to this place was a journey of profound transformation that surpassed any of his thoughts and dreams of the nature of the afterlife.

At first, Craig experienced a sense of disorientation, akin to waking from a deep slumber into this new reality. Memories of his suffering lingered—the relentless pain and weakness that had wracked his once-vibrant body, the ongoing battle against cancer. He had fought valiantly, but now, all of that was behind him, and the relief he experienced was beyond words.

A gentle, inviting pull drew him towards a radiant light, an irresistible force beckoning him forward. As he approached, Craig realized he was not alone. Surrounding him were many other souls who had also crossed this threshold, their presence bathed in the same soft, golden glow. Among them, he felt a reunion with loved ones who waited with open arms.

Together, they began to move towards the heart of the luminous light, and as they did, Craig’s consciousness expanded in ways he could scarcely comprehend. He sensed a unity with all of creation. It was as if he could perceive the intricate threads that connected every living being, every element of the universe, and he understood that he was an integral part of this vast and wondrous tapestry.

The light grew brighter and more intense as he approached, and Craig felt an overwhelming surge of love and acceptance wash over him. This love transcended earthly definitions and embraced his entire being without judgment or reservation. Here, in the soul world, he was known and cherished for the essence of his being, not the earthly struggles he had endured.

As Craig stepped into the heart of the radiant light, his individuality began to dissolve. He no longer felt like a separate self but rather a unique expression of a greater whole. It was a sensation of merging with cosmic consciousness, an awareness that he was an essential part of the divine tapestry of existence itself.

In this state, Craig experienced a profound sense of clarity and understanding. He could perceive the wisdom of the ages, the collective knowledge of countless souls who had journeyed through this soul world before him. It was as if he had access to the universal library of consciousness, where all questions found their answers and all mysteries were unveiled.

Time lost meaning in this boundless realm, and Craig felt deep peace and contentment. He knew that he was precisely where he was meant to be, that this was a long-awaited homecoming, a reunion with the very essence of his true self.

Craig’s experience at the threshold of the soul world was not just a glimpse into the soul’s eternal nature; it was a revelation. It served as a potent reminder that life on Earth was but a chapter in the grand story of the soul’s journey and that his true home was here, in the radiant embrace of the divine light, where love, wisdom, and unity reigned supreme.

At this moment, Craig witnessed a vision of the earthly realm he just left, where friends and family had gathered to mourn his passing. He observed his dear mother, her words eloquent and filled with love, as she stood before the assembly, sharing cherished memories and stories that celebrated his life.

His brother's eulogy was a stunning tribute, a heartfelt portrayal of the man Craig had been—his kindness, his passion for music and photography, and his unwavering love for those around him.

As the ceremony continued, Craig observed his own forest funeral. Deep in the woods, family and friends gathered around the open grave, where a simple pine box casket awaited its solemn descent into the raw earth. It was as if the forest itself had become a congregation, nature’s cathedral, where leaves fell like whispered confetti, paying their respects to the soul’s pending departure.

Craig’s beloved nephew stepped forward, carrying the weight of both grief and love. As his heartfelt words began to flow, a sudden gust swept through the forest, an ethereal chorus as if the very trees were lending their voices to his eulogy. The branches quivered in agreement, and a cascade of golden leaves descended, adorning the grave with a blanket of warmth and grace.

In that poignant moment, the forest became an active participant in Craig’s farewell. The trees, their branches bared, nodded in recognition of the profound transition within their midst. They understood the sacredness of the moment, the passage of a soul from one realm to another.

As the words of praise drifted through the forest air, a profound connection resonated between the changing season and the cycle of life and death. Hearts ached with a poignant mixture of sorrow and gratitude, much like the bittersweet emotions evoked by the autumn landscape.

The leaves, once vibrant and alive, had now completed their journey from the branches to the earth, mirroring the passage of life into the embrace of death. Gently settling upon the casket, they created a natural tapestry of reds, yellows, and oranges—a poignant reminder that even in death, a certain grace and elegance mirrored the beauty of nature’s transition.

Looking up toward the canopy of trees, there was a profound connection to the universe. The naked branches stretched heavenward, and at that moment, Craig’s soul ascended, released from the confines of the physical body. It was as if the very trees bore witness to his journey toward the spiritual realms, carrying him aloft with the love and memories of those who cherished him.

As the ethereal vision slowly faded, Craig’s awareness shifted, and he found himself enveloped in a profound and radiant reunion with the souls of his father and beloved nephew. The experience transcended the boundaries of time and space, leaving Craig in awe and wonder.

Craig felt an overwhelming rush of emotion in this transcendent moment—an unconditional love that words could hardly express. It was as if the very essence of their souls had merged, and the barriers of physical existence had dissolved. There was no need for spoken words; their connection was woven into the fabric of their shared existence.

Craig’s father, a figure of strength and wisdom in his earthly life, radiated profound love and pride. The years that had separated them in the physical world now seemed like mere moments, and the love between father and son remained as steadfast as ever. It was a reunion that affirmed the enduring nature of their bond and the eternal connection between their souls.

Beside his father stood Craig’s beloved nephew, a vibrant soul whose life had been tragically cut short in the earthly realm. The nephew’s youthful energy and vitality shone brightly in this ethereal reunion. His presence was a testament to the eternal nature of the soul, for the nephew had transcended the limitations of earthly existence and now radiated with a vibrant vitality that knew no boundaries.

Together, the three souls shared an embrace that surpassed any earthly description. It was a merging of spirits, a reunion that affirmed the continuity of love beyond the confines of the physical world. Time and space held no sway in this transcendent realm, and the bonds of family and love endured in their purest form.

As they basked in the radiance of this reunion, Craig felt a profound sense of peace and completeness wash over him. He understood that this moment was a testament to the enduring nature of the soul, a reminder that love transcended the limitations of mortality. It was a reunion that filled him with a deep and abiding sense of joy, for in this ethereal realm, they were united once more, bound by a love that would know no end.

Craig had discovered a profound and enduring peace in the soul world that surpassed anything he had ever known in his final earthly days. His journey had taken him from the depths of suffering to the heights of transcendence, from the shackles of pain to the boundless embrace of the divine light. In this ethereal realm, he would begin to explore the echoes of his past life, reckon with his karmic footprint, and ultimately prepare for the next chapter of his soul’s journey—a rebirth yet to come, a continuation of the eternal odyssey of the soul.


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