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Thunder Falls

The Education of Leopold Red Wolf

Coming soon… Neil Perry Gordon’s 10th novel THUNDER FALLS The Education of Leopold Red Wolf

Thunder Falls chronicles the transformation of Leopold Wolf from a naïve young man into an outspoken advocate for Native American rights during the late 1800’s.

Leo and his father Isaac work for the Carlisle Indian School, an institution that will become notorious for its harshness, governed by the mantra—Kill the Indian, Save the Man. Leo witnesses the abuse, neglect, and victimization of children under the institution’s care and resolves to help them gain the respect their tradition deserves.

​Leo’s quest takes him to Lakota territory, where elder and holy man Black Elk has a vision of Leo recovering the tribe’s Sacred Pipe, stolen years ago. Leo’s journey into—and under—the Black Hills reveals extraordinary phenomena about the Lakota and about himself. In the caverns of the Black Hills he encounters the red wolf, Thunder Falls, and the Soul Tree, all guiding him toward his destiny. While pursuing the eternal love of Sarah Cameron—niece of a senator notorious for his enmity against the Lakota—and fighting for Native American rights, Leo will cross the country with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, and ultimately risk his life for the sake of the people he has come to care for.

What I'm working on:

I am currently writing Samson the Nazarite. Yes, it’s based upon the bible story we all know—Samson & Delilah. As a child, this tale always intrigued me because of Samson’s magnificent strength. Of course these images were enhanced after watching the 1949, Cecile B. DeMille epic movie staring Victor Mature and Hedy Lamarr.

As a novelist, I am drawn to the story, not only for the Herculean feats, but for the romantic relationship between Samson and Delilah. Who were these two characters? Why did Samson, knowing the danger of sharing the secret behind his power, confess it to Delilah?

While there’s many words yet to write, I am enjoying learning about the Israelites and their arch enemy—The Philistines, and how Samson fell victim to Delilah’s seduction. But, as you will discover, the Nazarite’s story doesn’t end upon him bringing down the Temple of Dagon, where he and thousands of Philistines were killed.

Stay tuned for the release of Samson the Nazarite in the first half of 2023.

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