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After publishing nine novels, with a tenth on its way, I've decided to publish my first novella as a serial. In other words, one chapter at a time. For this, I've chosen Substack as the platform to host this venture.

What is Substack? Substack is an email newsletter platform that has allowed me to offer my work in a more engaging way than my website does. It also provides a model for me to charge a nominal monthly fee of $8 in exchange for the novella—THE NAZARITE - THE UNTOLD STORY OF SAMSON & DELILAH.

Another nice offering, is the archive, where all my posts are accessible to my readers. But above all, one of the best features is a brand new addition to my Substack publication: the Neil Perry Gordon - Novelist's Newsletter subscriber chat.

This is a conversation space in the Substack app that I set up exclusively for my subscribers — kind of like a group chat or live hangout. I’ll post short prompts, thoughts, and updates that come my way, and you can jump into the discussion.

To wrap things up, please subscribe to my Substack Newsletter. It's a great way to stay in touch and get access to my new novella—The Nazarite, to be published March 1st.

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