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SNEAK PEEK Chapter 8 Flying Lucid


...One night, something shifted. A chill wind blew through my dreamscape, and shadows gathered at the corners of my mind. As I soared above a landscape that had always been enchanting, I caught sight of something unsettling in the distance. Like a storm cloud, the darkness seemed to move and pulse with virulent energy. I felt a pull, a curiosity that overcame my fear, and I flew closer.

The darkness took shape as I approached. Ethereal beings, twisted and grotesque, lurked within, their eyes glowing with a wicked gleam. They whispered in a language I couldn’t understand, their voices a discordant melody that filled me with dread. Could this be what my grandmother had warned me about?

At the center of this gathering, I saw Gus. His eyes were blank, and his face contorted into agony and longing. He seemed trapped, ensnared by these beings, their tendrils reaching into his very soul. “Emma!” he called out, his voice a desperate plea. “Help me!”

I tried to reach him, but the beings were too strong. They pushed me back with a force that sent me spiraling into darkness. A shiver ran down my spine as I recalled my grandmother’s warning. Her voice echoed in my mind, “Some of them seek to harm you, twisting your gift for their dark purposes.” Her cautionary words had become a chilling reality.

I woke with a start, my heart pounding, the echo of Gus’s cry still ringing in my ears. Realizing that these entities were real and influencing, Gus was terrifying and compelling. My grandmother’s warning resonated with new meaning, guiding me as I ventured deeper into this unknown realm.

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