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Neil Perry Gordon's First Serialized Novella

January 13th, 2023 - Charles Dickens is credited as the writer who energized the serialized novel during the Victorian era. In the nineteenth century, he published his first book—The Pickwick Papers as a serial. Readers enjoyed this new format with its engaging characters, who managed to get themselves into new and exciting situations each month.

Recently, there has been a resurgence in this serial style of story telling. The acclaimed novelist Salman Rushdie, before his brutal attack, launched a serialized novella, The Seventh Wave. At that time, he explained, “The point of doing this is to have a closer relationship with readers. To speak freely, without any intermediaries or gatekeepers. There’s just us here, just you and me, and we can take this wherever it goes.”

After publishing nine novels, with a tenth on its way, the novelist Neil Perry Gordon is poised to publish his first novella in a serial format. In other words, one chapter at a time via Substack as the platform to host this venture.

What is Substack? Substack is an email newsletter platform that has allows writers to offer their work in a more engaging way to readers. Such features include an archive where previous posts are accessible. But above all, one of the best features is a brand new addition to the Substack publication—the subscriber chat, where readers can speak directly to the author.

Novelist Neil Perry Gordon will publish his new serialized novella, The Nazarite - The Untold Story of Samson & Delilah on

Samson and Delilah, a favorite bible story, tells the tale of the great Israelite and strongman, able to kill a lion with his bare hands, defeat an army of one-thousand strong with the jawbone of an ass, plus many more captivating Herculean feats. It is a fantastic tale of great and outrageous feats, as well as an intriguing love affair between an Israelite and a Philistine. It was this relationship that has raised many brows and questions.

Why did Samson share his sacred secret with the vixen—Delilah? A secret so dear, that his life depended upon keeping it private. Yet he tells Delilah, and by doing so, is taken captive. His eyes are gored out and he's sentenced to be sacrificed to the Philistine god—Dagon.

Can we imagine Delilah, armed with nothing more than her exquisite beauty, and cunning deceit, enticing the lustful Samson by pushing him beyond the limits of their love making? Why else would the Nazarite give up the key to his great strength, unless lured by forbidden, erotic desires?

The novella is written through the eyes of Samson, and a Philistine scribe—Mizar, whose given the task of writing upon parchment the events of Samson's life.

The Nazarite's first installment will drop March 1st, 2023 on

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