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Great “New World” story...start to finish!


A thoroughly enjoyable journey!

Couldn’t put this one down. If you like historical fiction with plenty of twists and turns and a sprinkling of fantasy this book is a must read. It’s a sweeping tale of one young mans life journey both physical and spiritual and all he encounters along the way.

The author skillfully weaves the plights of native Americans, Jewish immigrants and the earliest European settlers to the New World as their paths intersect.

I particularly enjoyed the way the author takes us inside the lives of various Native American tribes and offers parallels that this reader had never before considered

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Great “New World” story…start to finish!

Wow! What a beautifully crafted, engrossing and thought provoking story. The characters really showed me a great view of the how Old World America and New World America blended together and how many valuable teachings the Native Americans had to share.

Meaningful topics of good vs. evil and coming of age in the 1600’s was thought provoking and kept my interest from start to finish.

Great Second Novel

Neil Perry Gordon has followed up with his first page-turning novel "A Cobbler's Tale", with an engaging story of Lukas Petersen, a young man seeking to connect with the Great Spirit after the brutal murder of his father by the evil English Captain Jeremy Lovewell.

This 16th Century story tells the fascinating tale of how Lukas reaches out to the wisdom of the Native American tribes who are also fighting for their very existence against the encroaching white man.

A fine second novel - deserving of 5 stars.

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