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Flash Fiction on Demand

Step into the World of Flash Gordon Fiction: Where Your Imagination Sparks Reality!

Your Ideas, My Canvas


Have you ever dreamt of a world where shadows weave secrets, stars fall in love, or where the forgotten corners of history breathe life once more? With Flash Fiction on Demand, your fleeting thoughts and deepest yearnings become the seeds of untold stories. Whether it's the echo of a theme, the silhouette of a character, or a single moment captured in a prompt, Neil Perry Gordon stands ready to transform your inspiration into literary art.


Tailored Tales Just a Whisper Away


Imagine a service so unique that it brings the personalized touch of bespoke craftsmanship to the realm of storytelling. Each flash fiction piece, a compact masterpiece ranging from 100 to 1000 words, is meticulously woven to reflect the essence of your request. Perfect for gifting, personal exploration, or simply indulging in the luxury of your own creativity, our stories promise to be as varied and vibrant as our readers themselves.

Join the Adventure


Flash Gordon Fiction invites you to be part of a storytelling revolution, where each word is a world waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re looking to surprise a loved one with a story that speaks their language, seeking a unique piece of art to call your own, or simply curious to see where a moment of creativity can take you, Flash Fiction on Demand is your gateway to the extraordinary.

Special Launch Offer A Journey of Wonder, On the House!

For a limited time only, Flash Gordon Fiction is thrilled to offer the Flash Fiction on Demand service absolutely free! This is your golden ticket to explore the limitless realms of creativity without a whisper of cost. But be swift—soon, this personalized journey through the landscapes of your imagination will transition to a paid service. It's our way of inviting you into the fold of magical storytelling, allowing you to experience the enchantment without boundaries. 

How It Works

Creating a captivating Flash Fiction story from your idea requires a blend of imagination, guidance, and specific insights. To ensure the story we craft resonates with your vision, here's a checklist of what you need to send me:


Core Idea or Theme: Describe the central concept, theme, or message you wish the story to convey. This could range from abstract themes like love, freedom, or betrayal to more concrete ideas like a technological breakthrough or a historical event.


Preferred Genre: Specify the genre or mix of genres you envision for your story, such as science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror, metaphysical, mystery, or historical fiction.


Main Character(s) Description: Briefly outline the protagonist and any significant characters. Include key traits, motivations, and specific physical or emotional characteristics important to the story.


Setting Details: Describe the setting where your story unfolds. Is it a futuristic city, a distant planet, an ancient kingdom, or perhaps a quiet suburban town? Include any critical time period details, environmental aspects, or cultural nuances.


Plot Points or Key Events: Outline any specific events or plot twists you want included. This could range from a critical confrontation, a surprising revelation, to a poignant moment of reflection.


Tone and Mood: Indicate the tone and mood you're aiming for. Should the story evoke a sense of mystery, fear, excitement, sadness, humor, or inspiration?


Narrative Perspective: Choose the narrative perspective that suits your story best—first person or third person.

Send your requests to:

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