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The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope

The Goldfield Trilogy - BOOK 3

Denali is the eagerly, anticipated conclusion to Neil Perry Gordon’s Goldfield Trilogy. This latest adventure begins in the autumn of 1901, when our protagonist—Percy Hope, ventures off to New York City’s Lower East Side in search for his six-month old son Walter, and his mother, the fugitive Peggy Greenburg, Percy’s love interest and antagonist from book two—Cape Nome.

Along the way, Percy stumbles upon an intriguing journal left behind by the late Magnus Vega, who had tragically drowned a year earlier in the Bering Sea. This detailed account chronicles Magnus’s adventure into Alaska’s unforgiving wilderness, along with a cryptic map, that sends Percy and his best friend Liam upon a whirlwind quest, where they must track down a lost fortune of gold, out maneuver notorious gangsters, and decipher metaphysical mysteries of what happened to Magnus within the glorious ice caverns dwelling under North America’s tallest peak—Denali mountain.

Denali is the solid conclusion to the Alaskan adventures of Percy Hope who meets an exciting cast of characters throughout the three novels, including the infamous lawman Wyatt Earp, and abides by the timeless advice of his mentor Jack London, who had proclaimed—You can't wait for inspiration. You must go after it with a club.

DENALI will be published in June, 2022

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