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Channeling Sam

Reaching out to a clairvoyant...

Channeling Sam

In the mysterious space between our world and the next, I found myself on the phone with Kim, a woman with the unique ability to channel the spirit world. It was my second session with her, seeking to connect with my son Samuel, who passed away at age thirty-two. This time, the purpose was more specific; I wanted to know Sam's thoughts on my new book, "Between Two Gates: A Young Man's Quest Toward Birth," and gather insights to enrich the narrative. What unfolded was both inspiring and deeply personal.

“I'm in a floating library," Sam said about halfway through the session, his voice resonating through Kim. "I have a desire to learn. There's something remarkable I've discovered here.” As I listened, heart heavy yet hopeful, Sam described a celestial invention, a floating translucent box that acted as a communication system. This device, which I later named the Cerebro-Cube Transducer, worked on vibrational levels, translating personal energy into actions like opening a door. It transcended physical boundaries, reflecting the endless creativity of a soul unfettered by earthly constraints.

"I want to work on this idea when I am reborn," Sam concluded, leaving me stunned and humbled. The session may have ended, but the profound connection lingered, compelling me to immortalize this vision in my book. The Cerebro-Cube Transducer was not merely a fantastical concept; it symbolized the enduring human spirit, a fusion of innovation and spirituality. This extraordinary insight, born in the spirit world, became a significant part of my story and a testament to the unbreakable bond between a father and son. It now waits, immortalized in ink, for readers who dare to delve into the world of "Between Two Gates: A Young Man's Quest Toward Birth."

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