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Beware The wendigo

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Flesh-eater of the Forests

"The Wendigo reaches for me with its bony appendage-like arm. I barely avoid its grasp by scrambling backward toward the cliff’s edge. Could this, what the Shaman called the final battle, be over so quickly?

Another swipe from the Wendigo and I will be done for. What will happen to me? Will I transform into one of its walking dead, roaming the earth, feasting on the blood of humans?

Excerpt from the novel - Moon Flower

The Wendigo - An Algonquin Legend

The Wendigo is a terrifying creature that can be found in the ancient legends of the Native Algonquian peoples. Roughly translated, the word Wendigo means ‘the evil spirit that devours mankind’.

They have been described as giants, measuring a towering fifteen in height. Stories handed down through the generations speak of a beast with a hideous head, snout and fangs that dripped with a blackish slime. A skinless chest that exposed a brown ribcage and a purple beating heart that glowed like an ember in a fire pit. Its arms reached to its feet, and its clawed fingers would scratch the earth as it walked. Its feet are like hoofs, typically seen on a donkey.

In the novel, Moon Flower by Neil Perry Gordon, the Wendigo is a central character that the hero Lukas Pietersen must battle in his quest to connect with the Great Spirit – the Gitchi Manitou.

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